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Safety & Certificates | Deme Macarale

Safety & Certificates


Our employees are crane experts. They have the specific knowledge and experience to support all of your lifting needs and requierments. And to ensure that their knowledge is kept up-to-date, we send our technicians to the cranes producers factory for trainning.

Since the starting of business of DEME MACARALE company, service and maintenance for cranes and all type of lifting equipments is an important part of our daily business. With trained employee and specialists in each component installations of lifting equipments like hydraulically, electrically, mechanically, transmissions and steel structures we provide repairs and maintenance for our customers and for our fleet. With our new facility in headquarter town Oradea our services are became more professional and efficient with high improvement in time require for repair and maintenance and cost efficiency which are translate in our costumer benefits.

SAFETY – way of business

Safety is our primary focus – for our employees, your employees and your job site. All of our equipment is carefully maintained to manufacturer standards and is third-party inspected on a regular basis. Protecting the health, safety and security of people is not just our moral duty; it is fundamental to sustaining services to our customers. We constantly learn from our experiences, striving to improve. Managers and supervisors get into the workplace to find out the safety requirements, control and implement safety policy.

DEME Macarale organization is focused to work with employees with a positive and understanding attitude to avoiding injury and major incidents, with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge the practices that should keep them safe.