About Us

Our Company

Deme Macarale is family-owned crane rental company, leading provider of mobile and crawler crane rental services and possesses one of the largest fleet of such equipment in Romania.

Over approximately 28 years of operation, since its founding in 1991, Deme Macarale has steadily grown from a small, local rental company in West of Romania, to a strong leading players in its industry offering cranes rental services to a variety of customers, industries and regions mainly throughout the Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Moldavia.

Our Mission

With our main philosophy of long term partnership with our customer we continue develop our branches like Deme Macarale Moldova which was open in 2013 and we are in progress to open the new branch in Serbia in the following year.

Deme Macarale fleet size currently stands at more than 72 mobile and crawler cranes up to 750 tones and various types of trailers and semitrailers, which are made available to clients depending upon the lifting and transport requirements of its customers such as weight, pick and carry aspects.

The fleets combination of mobile cranes, crawler cranes and transport equipment is diverse by lift capacity and capability, allowing Deme Macarale to meet the requirements of its engineering and construction firm customer base.

We, DEME MACARALE, wish to continuously improve our performances
by controlling the impact of our activities in all stages of our renderings. We provide quality services with no injury to the limited natural resources, to the environment, in order to increase the satisfaction of our partners of interest. For all above, we undertake to:


identify and satisfy the requests of our customers and of the other parties interested;


develop and evaluate - regularly - the interfaces with the employees, customers, authorities and community to keep them up to date with our politics, goals and performances;


assure the continuous increase quality services for our customers satisfaction;


protect the environment - mainly by diminishing the emissions, by conserving the natural resources - the water, by increasing the rate of the material and energetic recovery of the waste;


identify dangers, to evaluate and control all risks associated to our organizational activities - serving the best interest of our employees and of our contractors.

In order to achieve such principia, we have implemented - and we maintain and continuously improve the Integrated Management System - according to the applicable reference standards: SR EN ISO 9001:2008,SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

We have the skills and passion to get the job done!